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The first Sunday each August, the Queensboro MC hosts its annual motorcycle run. This year’s event was August 3rd and as always, the run began with a sign-up at Rolling Thunder Cycles in Hempstead, Long Island.

The sixty-mile run was particularly scenic this year, winding us through the backroads of Nassau County. We saw horses, beautiful mansions, expansive lawns … it was hard to believe we were just a few miles away from home!

Ending up at Alley Pond Park in Bayside, Queens, we were greeted with the requisite food, drink, music, vendors, and all sorts of motorcycle games, such as the slow race, weenie bite, and more. Attendance was on the lean side this year due to gray skies and muggy conditions, but as always we had a great time. See you there next year!

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Editor:          Big Daddy

Story By:      Kim Fioranelli

Photos By:   FTW Farrel